Aaron is a great motivator!

Coach Aaron is a great motivator and the workouts always keep you guessing! One thing is for sure, you will get a heart pumping, muscle burning workout each and every class!

5 Stars

I have been seeing Aaron for about 3 months now.  I like the personalized workout he plans for each sessions.  Having some back and shoulder pain, I was looking for help to exercise properly to not aggravate the pain and hopefully, reduce it.  It is working.  Aaron pays close attention to details and how I do each exercise.  He can easily make adaptations/corrections as need be.  I have made progress and can feel better already.  I can recommend anybody that is new to exercising or want to get back to it, to try Hustle Athletic Training with Aaron.

Amazing private space!

After hip surgery, complications and a steady weight gain, I found Hustle Athletic Training and Aaron Dawson.  I was nervous starting out in my one on one training, but Aaron was a master at getting me out of my own head.  In the beginning, there were a lot of exercises I couldn’t do, but Aaron was great at modifying my work-outs so I could build strength again.  I am now in his 5:15am boot camp and cannot believe the difference in my abilities!  He is an awesome motivator.  Thank-you Hustle for getting me back on my feet and on my way to a much healthier life!

Great class sizes and atmosphere

Aaron is very knowledgeable and welcoming to people of all fitness levels! I would highly recommend Hustle to anyone!!

I’ve done workouts and running on my own but after awhile I got bored and stopped. If you’re looking to step up your workout then this is the place to be,just when you think you’ve done everything Aaron will mix it up to keep it interesting and fun.Always a great group atmosphere where you motivate each other,form friendships and leave tired and sweaty but feeling good.Sometimes you need that extra push to keep you going well Hustle Athletic training is that push!

Best workout I have tried yet

Aaron is amazing! I am still blown away that he does the entire workout with us! The workouts are fun and you develop a great relationship with your group since they are small and the same people each class. I am sore in places I’ve never been sore before afterwards and am seeing changes I hadn’t expected! Already signed up for the next session!

I am so much stronger because of Hustle

Aaron is a great motivator! It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is, you will be fine at Hustle. At my first Bootcamp the warm up made me lightheaded, I was so out of shape. I couldn’t even do a push-up. Six weeks in and I am able to do all of the exercises: not perfectly. Sometimes I have to take a few seconds to catch my breath and that’s ok. The vibe of the room is relaxed. The only competition is with yourself. It’s a small group: private room. There is no reason to be self-conscious. Aaron is a certified trainer and knows his stuff. He has a great attitude and a sense of humour. I’d recommend Hustle Athletic and Aaron Dawson to anyone who is looking to have a healthier lifestyle!

Team Training

Need to get your hockey team or basketball team on track? Contact me directly to set up ongoing team workouts during the season and/or during the off-season. 




Our workouts are done in a dynamic group setting which dramatically increases your odds of success through group accountability and an addictive atmosphere of fun and community.